Cardiothoracic Surgery

MicroVal GRF® Biological Surgical Glue (from France)

Surgical Glue for Blood Large Vessels Repair

Principle of action: The GRF® surgical glue consists in an aqueous mixture of gelatine and resorcine. The polymerization occurs by the addition of a hardener made of formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde. The hardener has to be injected into the mixture and should not be in direct contact with living tissues. The adhesiveness of the gelatine is enhanced by the combination of resorcine. The compound is insoluble in water.

Indications: Aortic Dissection Repair

Properties: The GRF® surgical glue offers the following advantages in the repair of aortic dissection:
  • Effective and quick gluing of tissues during procedure
  • Reinforcement and tightening of dissected tissues and sutures
  • Desorption over time
  • Absence of immunological reaction due to the chemical structure of the glue
Raw materials: the glue consists of an aqueous mixture of gelatine and resorcine. The polymerisation occurs with the addition of a hardender made of formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde

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Note: This product contains gelatine derived from animals
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