Neuromonitoring Devices

RAUMEDIC® multimodal neuromonitoring with microchip catheters

The aim of multimodal neuromonitoring with microchip catheters is the early detection of the various causes of cerebral damage, therapeutical intervention and the making of therapeutic decisions supported by objective parameters and then subsequently, the monitoring of their effect.

RAUMEDIC neuromonitoring catheters measure brain pressure (ICP), oxygen partial pressure in the parenchyma and brain temperature reliably, quickly and accurately.

The system offers you many advantages compared with other products on the market:
  • 1 catheter - up to 3 functions: ICP - oxygen (ptiO 2 ) - temperature
  • Plug & play system, catheters are factory calibrated
  • Simple safe handling, which can be quickly learnt
  • Catheters specially developed for intraparenchymal, ventricular and epidural application
  • Direct output of the pressure and temperature values to all patient monitor systems without additional monitors
  • MR-compatible up to 3 Tesla
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