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CE Marked disposable Infusion Systems and accessories for fluid management from Europe
Introducing innovative solutions for home care:
  • RoweMultiSafe
  • RowePump P

Infusion Systems for fluid management: RoweMultiSafe
Safe infusion filter system to collect, filter and apply infusion solutions with a large filter area for electrical pumps.

With fastener strap:

With standard fastener plate:

  • High safety due to pressure controlled check safety valve,
    bacteria and particle filter as well as colour coding
  • No faulty operation due to wrong cock position
  • Completely welded housing ensures no leak and intrusion of germs through micro cracks
  • Control center for all fuctional components
  • Integrated stand fastener connection
  • Easy handling as well as cost and time saving due to high product integration
  • Inert and ecologically valuable housing material
  • Minimisation of manufacturing, stock and disposable costs

Infusion lines
Safe for patient and user > well-priced > time - and space - saving > eco-friendly

Infusion Systems for fluid management: RowePump P
World’s first pocket size elastomeric high precision injection pump

Due to the steady rising hospital spending and the well known demographic problem we need developments to minimise costs without constraining patient security and agility. The RowePump P, a patent pending self-powered elastomeric injection pump, is a new advance in drug delivery technology.

RowePump P is a completely new innovation in critical drug administration for preventing allergic reactions and anaphylaxis. RowePump P is the first injection pump worldwide which combines performance, safety, comfort and patient flexibility without any additional electricity and extra equipment. It is ideally designed for improving patients’ quality of life through ambulatory treatment. The system can be refilled several times within 24 hours and is thought to be used for intravenous injection or subcutaneous injection. The pump is available in two sizes, 25 ml and 50 ml maximal filling volume, followed by 10 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml and 250 ml later on. Indeed it may be used for smaller drug volumes.

Depending on application area you can choose variable flow rates from 0.5 ml/h up to 25ml/h. The unprecedented constancy of flow rate with deviations of maximal ±5% during whole injection time is the main advantages to be mentioned. The actual flowrate may change within from the nominal rate according to the solution viscosity, the drug concentration and operating temperature. The RowePump P unique “mouse” like design, small profile and lightweight produces the most comfortable disposable pump available today without compromising reservoir volume. The remaining rest volume less than 10% loss of expensive drug makes out a positive effect on today's already cupped health care systems. It can be used in a wide range of therapies e.g. oncology, chemotherapy, pain treatment, antibiotics, corticoids, hormones, antiepileptica, spasmolytics, cardiology etc. You may be sure that your decision to set the RowePump P for critical drug delivery in sense of patient welfare is a reasonable priced and wise decision.


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