Strict Isolation System

Strict Infection Control Solutions
We provide comprehensive solutions for Nursing and Medical Care Safety: Infection Control, including anteroom (+/- pressure with HEPA filtration) and patient isolation room (+/- pressure) and all accessories for reverse barrier nursing . Our systems are W.H.O guideline compliant for MRSA, H1N1, Tuberculosis, Varicella, Herpes, Varicella , SARS, etc.

Note: Atozeta Mediscience AsiaPac (M) Sdn. Bhd. is the Sole Distributor for the Strict Isolation System and all related products for Malaysia and South East Asian markets.
Strict Patient Isolation Systems from Europe, now made available for hospitals in Asia
* No risky transportation of infectious patients through the hospital

* No denial of patients with communicable diseases.

* In accordance with patient safety recommendation

► Flexible Isolation

Converts a standard hospital room into a strict or protected isolation facility. Almost any standard hospital room can be converted into a strict and protected isolation facility without having to do any major renovations or modifications to the existing room

►Pressure control and alarm settings In compliance with W.H.O. regulations

Meets W.H.O. Interim Infection Control Guidelines for Health Care Facilities (9 February 2006)


The system can easily be removed and the inflatable portion either cleaned with normal disinfectant solutions or disposed off.

Strict Infection Control

Due to a dramatic rise in the number contagious infectious diseases, the global health care sector is experiencing an increased demand to provide emergency patient Isolation facilities to prevent the spread of communicable pathogens such as AH1N1, MRSA and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, as well as viruses such as Avian Influenza, SARS and small pox.

Malaysian hospital authorities face a huge challenge in terms of resources and funding to bring their isolation capabilities into the 21st century in full compliance with current international guidelines and legislation. In most healthcare facilities there is a recognisable shortage of single isolation rooms dedicated to the containment of such infectious outbreaks. Many hospitals are not in a position to contain a large scale outbreak. Atozeta Mediscience has recognised the need for dedicated isolation facilities, and is introducing a Strict Isolation System for Malaysian hospitals. The Strict Isolation System has been developed in accordance with guidelines established by W.H.O for 'Strict Isolation' against virulent pathogens.

Smart Set-up, Unique system

The Strict Isolation System is a unique, patented solution designed to convert a standard hospital room into a single isolation facility with anteroom or cohort-isolation area (including all requirements for room ventilation and filtration). It incorporates an air management and air filtration system which provides an air flow and pressure-controlled environment within an air-lock. In order to create an air-lock, it is essential to maintain a negative pressure environment inside the room and an air lock outside at the entrance to the room.

The system will provide the Infection Control Team with complete flexibility. In other words, a standard room can be converted into a strict and protected isolation facility without having to do any major renovations or modifications to the existing room. Its flexible and portable nature allows nearly any area or room to be converted into a strict isolation facility to house patients with communicable diseases.

Strict Isolation System- Air Pressure Isolation Lock

Reverse Barrier Nursing Apparel (Care-giver protection)
A Typical Strict Isolation set-up for a Standard Room
Strict Isolation set-up for Cohort Isolation
System Components
The complete Strict Isolation System consists of:
  • Inflatable Isolation lock / anteroom
  • —
  • HEPA filtered air management system for the isolation lock / anteroom
  • —
  • HEPA filtered air management system with air extraction duct for the isolation room

The unit is configured to provide dedicated room ventilation, creating a negative or positive pressure controlled environment to eliminate the transmission of harmful micro organisms. This makes the system suitable for different types of isolation, like physical patient/room isolation and protective isolation (protecting clean environment from contained area).

Inflatable Isolation lock/anteroom

HEPA filter/air management system for isolation lock/anteroom

HEPA filtered air management system with extraction duct for isolation room

Window extraction duct
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