Microbiology (Virology & Bacteriology)
SERION ELISA classic products are standardized test systems for the qualitative and quantitative antibody detection of various pathogens causing infectious diseases.

The tests are suitable for qualitative and/or quantitative detection of human IgG, IgM or IgA antibodies. The high quality of our products is based on highly purified native or recombinant antigens. Single-point-quantification is economic and allows efficient testing also of small series. All tests are suitable for automated evaluation with the common commercially available equipment.
With this new system evaluation of several parameters in one single test is possible because encoded particles coated with antigen are used.

In contrary to the ELISA technique, which has a microtiter plate coated with only one antigen and therefore delivers only one piece of information in each test run, the particle-based test system provides information on the immune status with regards to a variety of possible diseases.

With this universal application and the uniform method it is possible to provide the individual amount of tests for each patient in a very cost effective and time efficient way.
The perfect combination for SERION Multianalyt™ technology:

Immunomat™ TWINsystem and ImmunoflOW
We offer a new benchtop automat with integrated pipetting system, plate transport and ELISA reader. Our TWINsystem is a novel innovation compromising a high-quality ELISA washer and a vacuum washing station for filter plates. This system is able to process both, ELISA assays (SERION ELISA and other commercial tests) and bead assays for flow cytometry. Four plate positions are available as well as individual temperature-adjustable incubators with agitation function.

A high-quality ELISA processor offers a wide range of detailed solutions: Bar code system for our racks and reagents for direct reading of barcodes. A spacious loading drawer allows easy access to wash buffers and water. In addition, all liquid containers contain sensors and allow for quick cleaning. In addition the equipment boasts a software controlled tip management system.

Our Immunomat™ TWINsystem allows an automatic processing of Multianalyt™ kits. Multianalyt™- and ELISA-tests can be processed simultaneously. Samples processed in bead assays can easily be evaluated by commercially available flow cytometers.
Flow cytometer with microtitre plate loader for the SERION Multianalyt™ technology
Highlights of Immunomat™ TWINsystem TWO in ONE:

  • Fully automated SERION ELISA test analyser and SERION Multianalyt™ test processor.
  • Washer for 96-well ELISA MTPL, Vacuum washer for 96-well MTPL.
  • Parallel processing of SERION ELISA and SERION Multianalyt™ immunoassays.
  • Validated for antibody detection in serum, plasma or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) with SERION ELISA classic and SERION Multianalyt™ immunoassays.
  • Validated for avidity determination in serum, plasma or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) with SERION ELISA classic.
  • Validated for antigen detection with SERION ELISA antigen.
  • Short loading times with reload function for patient samples, reagents and microtiter plates.
  • Processing of up to 16 different assays per plate.
  • Easy access to buffers and reagents.
  • Level sensors for fluid containers with automated warning in case of lack of reagents or filled waste bag.
  • Multishot dispenser function.
  • Memory function for tip racks.
  • Barcode identification of samples, reagents and microtitre plates.
  • 2D hand barcode scanner for parameters of quality control certificates.
  • Clot detection.
  • Walk away function.
  • Fast and quantitative evaluation of SERION ELISA classic tests.
  • Bi-directional connection to laboratory software systems via ASTM interface.
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