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Partner™ Sirolimus-eluting Coronary Stent System
Successful delivery of efficacy and safety through the combination of a proven drug and a reliable polymer Maximum DES Efficacy
  • Over 5 years of proven clinical application experience
  • Effective anti-restenosis and anti-inlammatory properties
A Reliable Polymer for Long-term safety
  • Advanced polymer-coating technology provides optimally controlled release of sirolimus that efficaciously inhibits intimal hyperplasia and restenosis.
  • PBMA/PEVA coating is a widely used biocompatible coating that provides an ideally controlled drug release
  • Only 6 µm thickness of polymer, thinner coating increases deliverability of stentt
Advanced Stent Design for effective delivery
  • Proprietary DOUBLE-HELIX stent structure is engineered for outstanding flexibility and conformability.
  • Optimal thickness of stent strut provides favorable balance between radial strength and deliverability
  • Unique 36 mm length makes it easy to achieve full coverage of long lesion.
Components of Partner™ Drug-eluting Stent System
Drug Coating of Partner™ Stent System --PBMA/PEVA Polymer

The thickness of polymer-coating is only 6μm, thinner coating increases the ability and effectiveness of delivery.
Patented Stent Design of Partner™

316L stainless steel / laser cut / open cell
Partner™ Stent -Advanced Coating Technology

During the ageing process of DES, it is important for the stent to remain uniform and smooth after deployment
Balloon Delivery System
  • Accurate Dilation
  • Accurate Deployment of Stent
Drug Releasing Curve of Partner™ System
  • 90-days drug releasing time
  • Controlled drug releasing rate can effectively prevent restenosis during intimal repairing process
  • Prevents fast releasing early
Factors that affect efficacy - Polymer Coating
The drug releasing time is critical as the releasing pattern would affect the whole process of restenosis.

Four courses of intimal repairing that can cause restenosis:
  • Platelet deposition occurring in 15 days after stent implantation
  • Leukocyte recruitment occurring in 50 days
  • SMC migration/proliferation occurring in 90 days
  • Matrix deposition occurring after 120 days
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